By any reasonable measure, Peyton Manning has had an incredible career. He is highly respected and has earned a lot of NFL records. In his long and interesting career, he also has his fair share of controversies. Yet, people know very little about his personal life.


There are a few facts about him that even his fans do not know. Below are some of the interesting yet largely unknown facts about Peyton Manning. If you are a fan, you should definitely know about these facts.



  1. He has a photographic memory


A lot of NFL players have an amazing memory. Peyton Manning is no exception to this. He has been many times described as having a ‘photgraphic memory’. He even remembers small details about things that happened 20 years ago.


This amazing memory has been his biggest advantage in his career. This is why it can be said that his success is not purely due to luck, his intrinsic abilities also have played a big role.


  1. He never missed an NFL game, except when a surgery benched him for entire season


Yes, he never missed a single game in his entire career while he did a total of fourteen seasons with the Colts. The only exception was in 2011 when he had a surgery for level one cervical fusion procedure. It compelled him to sit out for the entire season. In March of the following year, he was released by Colts, but just in about two weeks, he signed with the Broncos which proved his capabilities again.


  1. In his childhood, he was neighbors with Trent Reznor as well as Anne Rice


Peyton is a child of a quarterback for Saints. His family lived in the Garden District of New Orleans. The popular novelist Anne Rice as well as popular singer and lyricist Trent Reznor lived a few blocks from his home. The film JFK was shot at a home just next to his. His parents still live in that house.


  1. The secret to his success? A consistent game day meal


Manning has maintained a consistent game day meal throughout his career. His pre-game meal includes a bunch of diverse foods – two pieces of grilled chicken, a plain baked potato, a bowl of pasta with marinara sauce, and a side of broccoli on his play day. This game day meal is washed down with some Gatorade


  1. “He follows the Jedi Mantra” according to the Star Wars novelist himself


The writer of popular Star Wars Drew Karpyshyn said that he is most likely to become a Jedi Knight. According to him, he is always calm, collected and cool, following the Jedi Mantra of “No emotion, only peace.”


  1. He sends handwritten notes to retiring players from NFL


This is something we can learn from him and very few people do it. He sends handwritten notes to respected players after they retire from NFL. This is one of the classiest ways to show respect to someone. Way to go Manning!