Guidelines on the size of the helmet

  • Identify the correct size by getting the player’s head 1″ measurement, right above the eyebrows using a tape measure or calipers
  • This will be utilized when identifying the sizes offered with the different kinds of helmet models as the measurement has been identified.
  • For a secure and snug fit, the chin strap should be directly snapped to the helmet leaving no slack
  • Using your fingers, press downward interlocked on the top of the helmet, the pressure should not be the brow but on the crown of your head

For face masks, the material is devised to be fitted on specific helmets, level of skill and players position. By the way, these are not similar to the face masks worn by roofers.

The three different types of metal Face masks with scope in weight and strength.

  1. Carbon Steel facemask is the standard, reasonably weighted metal type facemask. This material suits best for new players and younger players
  2. Stainless Steel facemask is lighter compared to Carbon face masks but both strengths are equal. Skilled players of high school and college players used this more frequently.
  3. Titanium facemask is the lightest and strongest made of the three. This material is usually worn by pro players.

Two main types of facemasks

  1. Open cage type consists of two or three horizontal bars and no vertical bar above the nose for superior visibility. This type of facemask is mostly preferred by defensive backs, quarterbacks, and wide receivers.
  2. Closed cage consists of two, three or four horizontal bars and vertical bar. To protect the player’s eyes is considered for the length of the facemask over the nose. Mostly favored by linemen.

Chinstrap on Helmet

When purchasing helmets, it comes with a standard chinstrap. These chin straps can be switched out and you can take your pick as different styles, materials and colors are offered. Helmets should be secured with chinstrap when used during game play as it gives resistance to impact and aids maximize sight lines for better vision.