There’s another side to sports. Sure, people can play sports. People can watch sports in person or on television. People can listen to the big game on the radio. People even watch replays or read sports news. But there’s another way to participate in sports. People can play sports video games!

This may seem like common sense to all. Maybe it is these days. But people did not always have the option of playing sports video games. After all, there were no sports video games 50 years ago. There are plenty are football games. If the last 10 years, there may have been at least 30 video games about sports. These include football, baseball, basketball, bowling, hockey, and soccer. Even some other types of activities that are considered sports have their own games. These could be games about paintball, snowboarding, or martial arts like wrestling. I don’t consider Mortal Kombat and sports game, even if the game is about martial arts!

Football has had many popular games over the years. My favorite has always been NFL Blitz 64. Why the 64? Well, that just means that the game was released on the Nintendo 64. In the game, there are plenty of plays the player can choose. The goal of the game is the same as the goal in real life. That is the player who scored the most points wins. The player can play against the computer or against a friend. One of my favorite things about NFL Blitz 64 is that the game gives the player extra agility once they scored enough points. That reminds me of another great game, NBA Jam, which also gives the player extra agility. The Nintendo 64 might mostly be a thing of the past. But, if you ever see NFL Blitz 64, make sure you play it at least once! I’m sure any sports lover will enjoy the game.