There are things you should know when picking out a pair of football cleats before heading to your favorite store. I got this guide from a friend in Handyman Brooklyn.

For Whom is the Football Cleats


It’s necessary to narrow down the selection whether you are buying for yourself, as a gift to a friend or family member or you are a parent buying for your kid.

The Shoe Cut

Depending on size, position, stability, and personal comfort, opting for a high, mid or low cut cleat can vary.


Outsole Style

Best to know the distinctions and benefits between molded, hard molded and detachable cleats.


Because of the variety of styles that are available, it sure ain’t easy buying a pair of cleats and it can be challenging. You can be able to limit down the options by position and personal preference from the styles available in the market if buying for yourself but, buying for another player can be more stressful because you need to deal with younger kids, or just may not know enough details on what to purchase. The following tips will help you the kind of football cleats that will work best for them if you are buying for someone else.


The Cut of the Cleat

Low Top

Designed for speed and lightweight. This cleat will provide you with the indestructible feeling in the open field.

Ideal Positions: Wide Receiver / Defensive Back


Mid Top

Similar to the low top styles but with added ankle support, this cleat has a lightweight feeling.

Ideas Positions: Running Back / Linebacker / Tight End / Quarterback


High Top

Created for terminal stability and durability. For those players fighting in the ditches, this cleat will give extra ankle support.

Ideal Positions: Offensive Lineman / Defensive Lineman


Uncovering a pair that provides you with the traction, stability, and right comfort will give you the most confidence while playing even though the cut of the cleat can be similar between positions. To learn what kind of spikes you want your cleats to have will be the next step.


Trimming down football cleat selection becomes much easier once utilize these tips. You can be more confident in deciding on a new pair whether it is for yourself or for someone else by deciding on a brand, cut of the shoe and style of the cleats.